A Year of Blogging

14 December 2014

At the end of 2013, I made a New Year's resolution to "write more". At the time, the most sensible way to write, to "publish", and to get feedback on my writing was to start a blog - and that's how bitsandbites came about.

Now at the end of 2014, I am amazed to be able to say that I actually kept to this resolution (this is probably the first New Year's resolution I've ever completed...) - this is the 50th post on my blog. To close off the year, I figured it would be fun to retrospect a bit on what happened this year.

Goals relating to this resolution

Some of my biggest learnings

Top posts

Throughout the year, I've been re-posting my writing to Medium as another distribution channel. The good thing about Medium is that pieces there are more easily discoverable and sharable. Another advantage is that Medium provides some nice, simple analytics on the readership of your posts.

Based on stats from Medium, my most popular posts this year seem to be:

Closing thoughts

Excuse me while I become a bit sentimental.

A lot of my writing occurred when I was in transit. It's incredibly appropriate that I'm writing this last post of the year on the Amtrak Northeast Regional, where so many other posts were written as well. I never understood why trains are so closely linked with writing until I tried the combination myself. There's something about watching the landscapes of America flying by your eyes that's really humbling and hypnotic, elevating you to a more contemplative state of thinking.

There's also something amazing about looking back at a year's worth of posts. A lot has happened this year, and all these posts remind me of how fortunate I am that I have all these opportunities in life. I can't really find the right words to express the appropriate amount of gratitude for this.

And finally, I hope this isn't the end of my blogging. I hope that without a New Year's resolution driving me, I'll still find the time and energy to write. I probably won't be publishing weekly, but the exercise of thinking, learning, and putting words down on (virtual) paper is a worthwhile one that I've come to appreciate more this year. So, this definitely isn't goodbye :).

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