Learning to Code (Part 2 of 3): Tips

10 January 2014

(This is part two of my short series about my experience learning how to code. First post can be found here)

I wanted to share some tips that will hopefully help if you’re about to start learning how to code. These tips are meant to alert you to potential obstacles and how to approach them; at the very least they’re meant to comfort you in the knowledge that you’re not the only one encountering these problems!

Before you begin coding

As you’re beginning to code

While you’re coding

Above all, though, don't be daunted by the idea of navigating this process by yourself: even if you don't have a close friend who you can bother for coding help, there is a lot of well-organized, useful information on this topic online.

The next (= last!) post of this series will have more concrete examples of resources you can consult at the beginning stages of learning how to code.

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