Learning to Code (Part 1 of 3): Surprises

01 January 2014

A little over a year ago, I left the world of finance and corporate strategy and decided to join a start-up. Crazily enough, my new company was willing to hire me for a tech-oriented position despite the fact that I had almost zero experience coding - the last time I had seriously done coding work was in a programming class I took in high school.

But, thanks to a really supportive environment at work (having access to the collective knowledge of the internet didn't hurt either), I managed alright. Now, I build out new features for our company’s products without too much worry that I’ll crash everything.

To start off this blog, I have a three-part series on my experience learning to code. This first piece shares some parts of my experience that have surprised me the most; if you are thinking of learning to code as well, hopefully this list will de-mystify some parts of this world!

These are just some of the thoughts that surprised me when I began learning to code. Next in this series of blog entries will be some tips for the very beginning stages of learning how to code, in case you are about to embark on that route as well.

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